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  • Disconnecting my firewall does what?

    OK, can someone explain why this happens... Ahhh first some site info. We have the following:

    HQ =
    Site 1 =
    Site 2 =
    Site 3 =
    Site 4 =

    Default GW on all PC's & phones = (Adtran 1335 POE switch)

    Internet firewall =

    Routes on firewall
    All routes point to

    OK, so when I unplug my firewall, all sites except HQ loose phone service. Phones display "No Service" and when trying to call any phone at any of those sites, the call goes directly to VM.

    Why would that happen and should this happen? I ask because I am trying to replace my existing firewall with a new one and everytime I take it off line this happens.

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    I may not fully understand your situation, but it looks like the traffic from the other sites hits the firewall on the way to HQ. If you take the firewall out, you can't get ot HQ. When you unplug the firewall, can you ping from one PC in one site to a PC in another site? When you plug you're new firewall in, is service restored to the phones?


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      Yes, if I disconnect the firewall I can still ping to other sites. Thats why I'm confused on this, everything else works.


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        It certainly sounds like a network issue to me. Some traffic hits the firewall between the phones and the server/switches. Can you look at the logs in your firewall to see which phone traffic is hitting it. Perhaps use a sniffer to see what traffic is hitting the firewall from your phone system.


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          Probably the firewall. Could be an ALG for MGCP/SIP on the firewall.

          What type of firewall is it?


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            Watchguard 550E