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  • Personalized Call Handling - Hunt Groups

    Currently we have it set up so that multiple different Direct Dials (DNIS Entries) all point to the same HG so that our receptionists can answer all calls.

    We were hoping to use version 9.1 for the PCH feature. The way we are attempting to set it up is to create a custom rule where we check for DNIS and enter the phone number that people dial. The action is to ring a different ring-tone.

    The end result is this does not work...

    It appears to work for individual users if the DNIS points directly to the user - but if the DNIS points to a HG that points to a user, it doesn't work.

    Any ideas?

    Each HG starts with the receptionist but follows a DIFFERENT fail-over route if they don't answer. So this cannot be done by having all DNIS point to the user and let the user handle the routing.

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    This is because hunt groups dial you using an internal call originating from the hunt group. This call does not have the DNIS.

    You say you have all these DNIS maps mapping to the same HG, but then you say "Each HG" below. Can you clarify?


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      What I meant was that all HGs ring the same group of people (to start with) but there are several different HGs.

      What is very strange is I actually just talked to the receptionist and she said that about 3 hours after we made the setting it started working... When i tested it on my own system with my own user it was always immediate (once I clicked Apply I tried the call and it worked). For her; however, it took time... I am told that it is now working though!