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  • Call Forwarding broken ( used to work )


    The Basics: I have an individual user with an extension, that exists solely to always call forward to a cell number ( call handling mode Standard, Standard options set to Always to an external # ), so it is set to Soft Switch. Then that user is added as a member of a Hunt Group. When someone calls the Hunt Group, in addition to a group of IP230's, it also rings the cell ( for reference the group has 7 members ).

    This setup has been working for several years now.

    The Problem: I decided to add a 2nd cell to the aforementioned Hunt Group, using the exact method above ( individual user always forwarding to external # ), and actually just did a copy of the original and changed the appropriate details ( external #, Extension, call handling mode etc ). This didn't work, it wouldn't ever call the second cell phone when someone called the Hunt Group.

    Here's where I suspect SOMETHING happened, because for all its faults I assume the Shoretel system isn't based on random chance.

    I had tried various methods to try and get the second cell to work, and spent literally hours poring over every intricate detail of both Individual Users for each cell, and they were identical. There didn't seem to be any logic behind the issue.

    Now, through no known change of my own, call forwarding no longer works to the first cell.

    With the testing I have performed so far, I have come to one conclusion:

    Call Forwarding doesn't work anymore when calling a Hunt Group.

    - If you call the user extension directly, with Standard Call Handling mode to Call Forward Always to an external number, it works.

    - If I change Standard Call Handling mode to Call Forward Always, and put the destination as an existing extension ( instead of an external number, to rule out any local phone vendor issues ), calling the Hunt Group doesn't call the phone.

    - If I change Standard Call Handling mode to Never call forward, and attach the extension to an actual Phone, calling the Hunt Group also rings the phone.

    By doing this I believe I have established that: the Hunt Group is fine, the user / extension is fine, call forwarding ( by changing Call Handling mode to Always go to either an extension or an external number ) is broken.

    The weirdest thing is, that nothing was changed in between call forwarding working for the first cell and then it suddenly dying during testing of the second cell. Which is to say there were 0 changes made to CoS, Find Me, Trunk settings, nothing except for individual user preferences for the second cell phone.

    PHEW, sorry about the wall of text, hopefully I made it as concise and direct as possible.
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    Well, fwiw we discovered the cause of the issue with some help from Shoretel!

    Turns out a Hunt Group cannot call an external number ( via a local extension ) unless the extension is setup to use External Assignment. You can't just edit call-handling mode to always forward to an external number like I was doing, as this only works when dialing the extension directly.