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  • Windows 7 x64, Call Manager 9.1 install

    We have installed Shoretel Call manager 9.1 on a Windows 7 x64 machine without incident. Everything works. No problems during install.

    However, on a second machine, the install is on a continuous loop say that the setup was interrupted and to try again later. There are no references to Shoreware or Shoreline in the Registry, no program files installed, nothing in Add/ Remove programs and nothing listed under the Windows installer clean-up tool. I get the this error no matter which way I attempt to install, from the browser, from a network share or from the local machine.

    Any thoughts how to get this PC to either uninstall ShoreTel somehow, or proceed with the installation?

    Can anyone tell me how to manually install? Copy files, register files, etc.

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    Here is the complete error message:

    "The wizard was interrupted before ShoreTel Call Manager could be completely installed.

    Your system has not been modified. To complete installation at another time, please run setup again."


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      I would recommend that you check the Windows event logs for more information. If this does not reveal the problem, use Process Monitor from Microsoft to determine the problematic file or registry key. Lastly, you might check the temp folder for any log files from the install. Also check it while the install is still open, stopped at that screen.