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  • Not all voice mail boxes displayed in Voice Mail Servers Maintenance

    Today, I wanted to check a particular voice mail box to see if it was empty so I could delete it. I went to the Voice Mail Servers Maintenance page and noticed that only a fraction of my users are listed under the server I checked. I have the main Director server and one site with a 50V. All the 50V users seem to be listed, but the mailboxes under the main site are not all listed. We're on version 9.1.

    Why aren't all the mailboxes for that server showing up on the Voice Mail Servers Maintenance page. Is there another way to view voice mail box information?


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    I got an answer from our Shoretel reseller. Apparently, only the top 50 users per voice mail server are displayed. Since I have more than 50 people on the voice mail system, I won't see everyone. Apparently, there are other ways to view voice mail usage information, but nothing quite as easy.