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  • Shortel 6 and Xlite

    I have inherited administration duties of a Shoretel 6 box with a 60/12 ShoreGear switch. The company is using 2 PSTN lines and isn't using a PRI or VOIP. Is it at all possible to get Xlite or any softphone to work with this system. I have successfully registered X-lite with the user account information, but it will not allow any calls out. It will not allow me to call any extensions either.

    I have left a message for the partner they purchased the system from. I called ShoreTel support directly and they told me support time would be $200 an hour.

    I have found Youtube videos of setting up X-lite with version 8 of Shoretel. Is this not something that is allowed in version 6? I have 10 Softphone licenses.

    Also, is it possible to update from version 6 to version 7 or 8? Is there a cost with this?

    Thanks for your help.

    Mike Spicer

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    Hi Mike

    Unfortunately ST 6 will not accommodate Xlite. Simply ST 6 does not support SIP side clients. You will need to be at ST 8.x for that to work

    The Only softphone you can use is the ST Softphone that is installed with PCM and set in the Users COS.


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      The only potential there might be of this working would be to set it up as a SIP trunk and enable Tandem Trunking. We did this with a Linksys phone on ST 7. It worked well enough, but the phone was a piece of junk so it didn't get used much. I cannot recall if 6 even supports SIP trunks at all...