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  • Pressing 0, 9 or * while listening to voicemail greeting

    Would anybody have a solution for pressing 0, 9 or * while listening to the voicemail greeting? We currently support 2 call centers and would like to eliminate the abilty for callers to press 0, 9 or * once the voicemail message has started and be redirected over to our main auto-attendant. We have found that under the Application Server, you can specify to send the caller to 1 auto-attendant menu and unless you have multiple servers you will not be able to send the caller anywhere else.

    Under the current setup in our auto-attendant, each number is specifically designed to take the caller to a location or hang the person up, but while listening to the voicemail message the user can shoot over to our main auto-attendant which we do not want.

    Has anybody run into this issue?

    Thanks in advance for your help.

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    If you need something fancy you may be able to do something with Call Handling through the escalation profiles and Route Points.

    The problem is, based on the site that ext/mailbox is going to be on the default Operator ext is designated in Sites. With that said, you can also assign a default zero out point for each mailbox in User Edit > Personal Options > Call Handling Mode (Standard Etc Etc)

    In the Call Handling mode, Lets use Standard

    You will assign the default zero out under the Personal Assistant.

    This has to be a viable Ext / Mailbox / Route point

    If it is an ext or Mailbox you burn a license
    A route point used is the option I would suggest

    Setup the route point to go directly to a New Auto Attendant to make an announcement and either hang up or send to the original destination menu to start over.

    The AA gives you the ability to restrict the users moving around

    So the Call flow is simply

    User Calls in gets to Destination Mailbox
    User Presses zero
    User transfers through New RP to New AA
    New AA Answers, announces message, User is restricted