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  • New to Shortel, and got some questions

    Hi Shortel user here. Got some questions regarding and install...and I apologize first if some of these questions are a bit elementary and incomplete.....

    Background, we've already got our main site up and running. Bringing up one of the remote sites right now. We've got a MPLS connection going on, Sonicwall firewalls.

    Right now the network connectivity looks good. I've got a computer hooked up at the remote site and it's got a good connection. I can see all our share drives in the main site, and I can ping the Shortel server. I've got a SG30 at that remote site, and Shoreware Director's got a good hookup to it.

    Question is, what else do I need to look at before I hook up a phone? Am I missing anything (sorry if it's a dumb question, rookie here). On the phone, do I leave DHCP on (the remote Sonicwall is setup as the DHCP server), and just type in the main site's ST server IP as the FTP IP? What about MCG and SNTP, can I just leave those blank?

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    If your not setting up the 156 option on your scope out of the sonicwall, then you can just static the phone for the ftp,mgc and sntp. FTP=shoretel, server MCG=local shoregear switch, SNTP=whatever time server you are going to use.


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      Just a couple of things that you might want to check:

      1. Need to make sure you have the IP address range set in the ShoreWare Director: Administration>IP Phones> IP Phone Address Map.

      2. Don't leave the SNTP blank - that's what gives the phone the date and time.

      3. The SonicWall may not support DHCP Option 156 - that's going to be a problem. If it doesn't you may want to explore using an IP Helper address to pull the DHCP from a centralized DHCP server that has support for Option 156. Look in the PIG for details on the Option 156.

      4. We don't specify the MCG, we just let the phone find one on it's own.

      What model of SonicWall are you using? And what functions your using on the SonicWall between sites? I mean is it acting as just a firewall or are you also using it as a UTM platform?



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        Are you working with a partner on your install?

        You're using Sonicwalls for routing on your MPLS network???????


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 we go:

          1. IP Phone address range set on the director (tks for that tip)

          2. SNTP: Can I just set that to the local Sonicwall address to grab time and date?

          3. The Sonicwall is acting as DHCP server on the remote site. Option 156, what is this and where do I find it?

          4. MCG, I'll try both and see what happens (plugging the SG30 address in and leaving it blank)

          5. Main office is using a Sonicwall 2400 and remote sites are using a Sonicwall TZ180


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            cburgy...PM sent...


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              Option 156 is used to provide the info that he phones need to come up.

              Set the value of option 156 to: FtpServers=ip_address, country=n, language=n, Layer2Tagging=N, VlanId=X

              Have no idea is you can set it up on sonicwall or not.
              If you can it will make life much easier as you can just plug phones in and they will come up without to much intervention from you.


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                SNTP: I don't think SonicWall will act as a SNTP server. My suggestion would be to look at the router - all Cisco routers can provide SNTP time service.

                SonicWall DHCP: I doubt that neither the 2400 nor the TZ-180 will support option 156. I think you'll need to setup a real DHCP server service.

                I'm with cburgy about wondering what functionality the SonicWalls are providing between sites?


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                  It sounds like you'll have to relay your DHCP unless you have another means of providing DHCP locally from another source. For "time" you should use whatever source the rest of your network is using.

                  Make sure you have enough IP ports available and configured on the local switch, and a valid configuration switch set up (Administration, IP Phones..., Options. From ShoreWare Director).


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                    Ok...made a little progress...

                    Left DHCP on.
                    Set FTP address to my main site's server.
                    Phone stuck at screen: "Looking for FTP at XXXXXXXX"

                    Tried another method, left everything as automatic. Phone comes back saying "No Service". However, I use the ping command and I can ping the FTP server at the main site.

                    Make sense to anybody?


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                      Ok...adding to previous reply...I can also ping that remote phone from my computer here at the main site...


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                        Can you ftp to the HQ server from a PC plugged into the phone at the remote site?


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                          I'll try that on Monday when the remote guys get in...but should be able to off the top of my head. Route policy on the Sonicwalls have all ports open between remote site and main site. But I'll double check first...


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                            I'm having a similar issue. Except our main site is using VLANs and our remote site is a flat network. Site to site VPN between two sonicwall firewalls. The remote site boots fine with no NTP setting in DHCP on the firewall, only time and date are wrong. When I add the 156 option I get the NO MCG error on the phones.