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  • Audio File Converter

    Our Marketing Dept purchases professionally recorded Music-On-Hold CDs for us to use on the ShoreTel system both for MOH at the switches and "music on hold" in the Contact Center and the Conference Bridge.

    The CDs are no problem with the MOH Players on the switches but our problem is that we couldn't find a good audio converter for the Contact Center and Conference Bridge (which need WAV files) until we found "Switch Audio Converter" software. Most of the other converters left a "s" sound on end of many of the words.

    Switch Audio does a fantastic job of normalizing the audio for conversion to ShoreTel standard:
    1. Bit Rate 64 kbps
    2. Audio sample size 8 bit
    3. Channels 1 (mono)
    4. Audio sample rate 8 kHz
    5. Audio format CCIT u-law

    Switch Audio is free at Download Audio, Telephony and Dictation Programs by NCH Software

    I highly recommend Switch Audio Converter.

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    I needed this for my AA because I get the lispy sound you mentioned a lot but when I use it, it uploads the .wav and it sounds great in Director but is silent in the actual AA.

    If I filter it again through Windows sound recorder, it works perfectly!

    Thank you a bunch!

    Now I have to do this 83 more times ;(



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      Try another music converter

      Hi there,

      Maybe the problem is with your converter. Try different free converters or much better is a commercial converter. By the way what type does the CD has? Or check your manual if your unit for the music on hold can support other format rather than WAV files.