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  • Rings per agent

    I have an issue with one of our workgroups that is only allowing 1/2 to 1 ring per agent before ringing the next agent. I have the rings set to 3 rings per agent and is set to ring the longest idle. Our support has suggested that a compact and repair of the database is needed and then a reboot of the server. Has anyone seen this before? I was searching and found that someone else had this issue as well, however they didn't receive any response. I'm attaching their post as well.


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    Has it done this all along or just started doing this?
    Also, What is the 'Ring No Answer' for the Workgroup set for?
    (Make sure you have enough 'rings' to alow for - How ever many number of Agents you want to ring before going to the 'Treatment'?)

    I have seen something similar that occurred, right after an upgrade from 7.5 to 8.0, along with... Agents Logged In, but not receiving calls? We had to remove the Users from the Workgroup, delete their MAC address and re-assign the phones to the system and put them back into the workgroup.


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      It just started doing this about a week or so ago. The No answer number of rings are set at 9 rings. We haven't had any recent upgrades or changes to the system either.


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        I would just reboot the server.


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          Yep, I have seen some funky things resolved with the three finger salute.