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  • Duplicate IP Address

    I have been receiving a duplicate IP message on our IP 230 phones and a few of our 115's. The phones will display the duplicate IP messsage for about 10 minutes then it goes away, then comes back. If we clear values and let it re-configure it pulls data first, reconfigures, and then voice with no problems. The duplicate IP message comes up after this process completes.

    We have a number of remote sites that do not have this problem so I know the problem is isolated to one location. We haven't made any changes to our infrastrucure or brought up any new DHCP servers before or during the time this problem started.

    We've checked our DHCP servers and we have no conflicts. We've cleared the bindings and allowed the DHCP table to be recreated. I did read another post here --> , but the drivers on our HQ box are up to date (just reloaded) and I am highly confident that we do not have a rogue DHCP server.

    Anyone have any ideas on what this could possibly be? If you could help me that would be

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    Is it truely a duplicate IP? Find the IP of the phone and then unplug it and ping the address. I would then find the device that has the same IP. It is probably statically set on that device. Do you have any reservations in the DHCP scope?


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      It's not a duplicate IP. Phone's IP is *.*.97.114, remove phone, ping the address, and you get timeouts. There are no reservations on the data or vlan scope.


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        Originally posted by dfbrass View Post
        It's not a duplicate IP. Phone's IP is *.*.97.114, remove phone, ping the address, and you get timeouts. There are no reservations on the data or vlan scope.
        There was an issue with this sometime back on the 230's 115's

        Note the Manufacture date on the back of the phones it will be a 4 digit code above the bar. Check with TAC, I am not sure if this was the Phones issue or an upgrade.

        At the same time, obvious toss a wireshark trace on or, log into the phone at the time it is happening and type printSysinfo

        This will dump the config to the screen of the phone.

        I may be wrong, if memory serves me this was a limited issue with the Phones NIC Driver


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          Thanks for your help on this, but I found out the problem.

          Telnet into my phone and got the MAC of the device causing the duplicate IP error. Ended up being a Dell server and the teamed nics had vlan enabled. It wasn't a duplicate IP, but it was causing that error to be displayed. Glad that message is gone!