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  • Outgoing call delay

    I have a customer with 8 analog trunks, they dial 10 digits to make local calls. From the time the number is dialed i.e. 9, 705 123 1234 it takes about 5 seconds for the call to be sent out on the trunk. I have looked and can't seem to find any sort of timer, after it collects 10 digits it should sent to the trunk. Anyone have the same issue?

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    Seems normal to me. We have 10 digit dialing on analog trunks here and it takes at maybe 3-4 seconds.

    Once you press Dial, ShoreTel must send the DTMF tones for the digits you dialed over the analog trunk. During this time the call is in the proceeding state. This means you will hear nothing for a brief time while the call connects. Is this what you're seeing, or does it take 5 seconds before it even begins generating the tones on the trunk?


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      We are hearing about a 5 second delay before we hear it dialing out on the trunk. It takes the digits right away, it seems that there is a delay before the user hears it dialing on the trunk. I was just thinking there was some sort of timer after collecting the digits I could reduce. If this is normal I will just let the customer know. It's not a extreme delay just thought it was something I could control.


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        Check under IP Phones->Options.