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  • Problems After Changing IP Addresses on Federated ShoreTel System

    We've just gone through the process of completely changing the IP addresses on both our ShoreTel 8.1 systems on the two sites where they are located. SITE1 is our primary site and SITE2 is the secondary site (this is according to the site related information in ShoreWare Director).

    The only thing we did not do that has been recommended was to uninstall and re-install the DVM software (as well as rehome SITE2 users to SITE1). All we did was perform a modify install which gave us the option to change the IP address of the HQ server. We also needed to change the IP address of a DCOM object that was also pointing to the HQ Server.

    After performing all the IP address changes on all the switches and servers and after rebooting everything several times, we still have the following problems:

    1) Cannot change call handling mode in ShoreTel Call Manager or ShoreDirector. For some reason the call handling mode seems to be following the rules that were set before the IP upgrade.
    2) When a new phone is added to SITE2 (secondary site), the IP address of the MGC Server it connects to is one that belongs to SITE1 and as such the phone comes up saying "No Service". Successive restarts or clearing of the phone settings of the phone have no affect on this. Only by retarting the VOIP server at SITE2 does the phone suddenly connect to the correct MGC Server on SITE2 and start working again.
    3) Adding a new Mailbox in ShoreWare Director enables the phone but does not allow inbound calls.

    All the problems seem to me as though the DVM Server at SITE2, where all the phones connect to as their FTP server is not replicating with SITE1 correctly.

    We would appreciate any assistance with resolving these problems.

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    I am the IT manager at this site, i have another observation.

    When call manager is indicating standard mode and out of office is selected, from the task bar a message appears indicating the mode has been changed but this is not reflected in the status change in call manager. On looking in director in the users profile i can see this mode had changed to out of office. This mode then cannot be altered again until the Voip server at Site 2 is rebooted. On reboot call manager shows out of office, etc etc etc...

    We are unsure how the comms actually communicate or poll from the master to the slaves, i believe this is the cause. Any changes made in director at Site1 (HQ) are not propogating to the slave VOIP at Site 2. Would you enlightened and more experienced admins reccoment a full uninstall at Site 2 of the VOIP software and then reinstall?

    Thanks in advance for your help


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      IP Change

      This is from the shoretel support site

      Changing the IP Address Scheme of ShoreTel Remote Site w/ DVM
      This is a helpful guide for walking customers through a total change in IP scheme of a remote DVM/DVS site:

      1. In Director: Change the IP addresses the switches and the DVM Application Server.

      2. Make backups of the ‚€œShoreline Data‚€Ě folder on both the HQ and DVM server.

      3. Uninstall the ShoreTel DVM software on the remote server. (Voicemails should not be lost since ‚€œShoreline Data folder is not deleted in this process.)

      4. Change the IP address on the NIC of the DVM server.

      5. Reinstall the DVM software entering all of the new IP information.

      6. Restart all of the switches at the remote site.


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        Thanks aj1104

        System fully functional after re-install

        One note for fellow members.

        Run regedit and search the registry for legacy ip address. We found an entry for HQserver that related to the old IP