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  • access local dialtone to call out

    just completed last migration from Nortel Meridian to ST. Now 100pct ST. One thing I do think I will miss on Nortel was a site DID num I could call, enter a pin code, and get dial tone from that switch to call out. Anyone know of a way to call in from outside world, get a dial tone at a site, and then call externally ? very useful for testing when user sez, "my call wont go thru"

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    I keep a "test" user group without any users assigned to it. When I need to test dial tone at a specific location, I just assign myself to that group and only give it permissions to use the trunk group in question. A little cumbersome but does the job. Just remember to change it back when done testing.


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      a10ecun said it best build a test usergroup and couple that with the trunk tool can be a very effective way to trouble shoot. There are some debugging tools but they get pretty involved. In case you didnt know the shoretel system has 3 dialing plans one for the Site, Trunk Group, and PCM. So what you dial is not always what gets pulsed out to the carrier.