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  • Need to Log in DB Phone Status Changes


    Not sure that this is the correct forum. Basically what I want to do is use the phones as a 'Login' 'LogOut' method for staff. I would like to log a change of status for "Standard" "Out of Office" and "Custom" along with the extension and a time stamp so that information can be used by HR.

    My question is, is there anyway to do this? I am guessing I will need to get a SDK, but before I did I wanted to make sure that an SDK would handle my needs. If there is any way to do it without an SDK that would be even better.

    Please advise.


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    The SDK will not help you significantly. The SDK allows you to see when the forwarding destination changes, but this does not necessarily correspond to changing call handling mode.

    Doing this will require monitoring ShoreTel's configuration database directly or using undocumented APIs to catch the change events.