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  • Using automatic call forwarding

    Here is another. i have a user that wants their phone forwarded to their cell phone. no problem but what they want is for the number to show up on her cell as the number the customer called. not the number of the person calling. she will have a DID and she wants that number to show up when the customer calls so she knows it is a buisness call and not a personal. i have tried using caller id and creating user groups that send caller id info but it doesnt work. any ideas

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    Short of changing your broadcast DID, not sure if what you are asking is possible on the ST side. I also presume that the mobile carrier will not be able to differentiate as well. I guess the rule of "if you don't know the number you don't know the caller so don't answer" would not a best practices response for this one.


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      You can do this system wide... (All outgoing calls will only show a particular caller ID, or range of caller ID.)
      To only do it for a particular user's DID, I would send the calls through a WG that has her DID assigned to it. Make her a member of that WG, and when she is in external assignment, it will show up on her phone as coming from that WG.
      Kludgy, but it works..


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        If you give the user a mailbox and go into the find me preferences, there is an option "Send Incoming Calller ID" which you could uncheck.

        You could also make a dummy user with external assignment set up, then add this user to a hunt group and forward calls to the hunt group. The hunt group will be dialing the cell phone then, which should always show the same information.


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          Are you using a PRI for the out bound calls? You can add a custom dial string to send out DIDs through the PRI to Find-me destinations. I would attach the Doc but can't seem to figure out how to attach.