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  • Interpreting CDR Reports.


    New to this forum - hope someone can help me out.

    I am running the Trunk Activity Summary reports and trying to interpret the data to see how many trunks are in use on average. It just gives me the total use on each trunk, but maybe I'm missing something ... how can I take that data and figure out how much useage we are getting out of our T1? I'm trying to determine if we are near capacity on average.

    Anybody have any tips?

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    How are the calls coming and going? Meaning, if you have incoming set from top down from the phone company, and the ShoreTel system all ready routes outbound from the bottom up, you can see how often the lines meet in the middle.

    With copper loop start lines, we look at the last line in hunt. If I have 5 lines, and they go 30 on the first, 20 on the second, 10 on the third, 5 on the fourth, and then 5 on the fifth in one hour, you can estimate that less than 10% of the callers will get a busy signal.