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  • No Service Message

    I'm still new to ShoreTel, and am encountering some quirky behavior today. After coming into work this morning, 2 phones, out of about 30, repeatedly disconnect and very briefly show a "No Service" message. The phone does not go through a reboot sequence with flashing lights and reacquiring an IP address. It's just "down" for a couple of seconds and appears to go back to normal. However, when you are on the line or are attempting to transfer a call when this occurs, you lose the call. It gives me the impression that the network connection is dropping for just a second or two; enough to drop the call, but not enough to require a reboot.

    I cannot find a pattern for these two phones. Neither phone seems to want to connect the the Outlook database and show who is calling or flash the call notification on the computer monitor. All other phones, with the same configuration, function correctly on the network.

    I'm lost. Does anyone have any insight as to what could potentially be the cause? No network changes and no changes to the phones have been made over the weekend and everything functioned correctly on Friday.

    I'd appreciate any comments or possible solutions.


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    Take a look at this Post 'Phones read No Service' dated 06/25/09 and see if this helps?