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  • Forwarding voice mails to two Email addresses

    I have someone that wants to be able to have voice mails left at one extension forwarded to two different Email addresses. The only way I could see this being done is by having Voice Mail Integration installed on the one machine, but having to log out as one user, then in as another in the system to have the messages forward to both Email addresses correctly.

    Is there a way to specify more than one Email destination for phone messages, and if so, would there be a way to retrieve these messages from one Email account (i.e. would it be possible to set up two user ID's and passwords on one login)?

    Alternately, if anyone can think of an alternate way of doing this, please let me know - thanks!

    Marty Gaffney

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    I recommend that you set up a distribution group with the two addresses on your mail server and enter the address of this group as the destination. To my knowledge, the Outlook integration relies on the contents of the message, so everything should work fine.