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  • Removing items from Call Manager Directory

    Hello all. First post, been lurking for a couple of months.

    Running 8.1 13.23.6910.0.

    The install of Call Manager brought to light that the public employee list of our company hasn't been managed in about 2 years.ops:

    So when Call Manager was installed it imported all the outlook contacts, valid and otherwise.

    So I did get the contact list updated & removed everyone who's not supposed to be there, but the call manager still lists the incorrect information.

    When I try to manually remove the contacts from CM directory, the option:Delete Directory Item(s) is unavailable (grayed out).

    Admittedly I am very new to this & could use some assistance before everyone in the company realizes the number of incorrect entries in the director.

    Even clearing the whole database & re-importing it is doable if it's available to me.


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    uncheck "enable disk caching" under options "Outlook", disk Cache options.. then read contacts.. Also verify the folders that are being imported maybe uncheck the public folders


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      Blynch, thanks for the reply.

      Actually, enable disk caching was never checked off.

      Also, I did do the selective checking of what contacts lists were to be imported.

      That did help, but I'm still unable to remove contacts from Shoretel. Is that by design?


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        Hi Ursan,

        you should be able to right click on the contact and delete, but that contact will remain in the directory, because it was imported from a public folder and you can not delete it.
        uncheck the public directory and any other directory the contact could exist, exit completely out of the PCM and then relaunch it, so the contacts are imported again..

        LEt me know..

        here is FAQ from the KB at shoretel:
        Incorrect contact information in Call Manager
        Issue: When importing Contacts into Call Manager they appear to be incorrect
        Scenario: Contact information is incorrectly shown in Call Manager but the information is correct in the ShoreTel System Directory

        Resolution: If contact information is incorrectly shown in Call Manager and the information is correct in the System Directory, then the issue is with the Outlook. When Outlook Integration is installed the Call Manager client gets contact information from the Outlook contacts folders.
        To determine which folder has the wrong contact information, (Issues Seen in builds prior to ShoreTel 8)
        Go to Call Manager, Options, Configure Shoretel System, Outlook, Other Options, Import Configurator
        In this field you will find the folders the client gets contact information from. Typically the erroneous information is coming from a contact in the Public folder.
        To prove this, uncheck the Public folder and save. You must close out Call Manager completely and reinitialize. If the contact is no longer there, then you will need to contact you Outlook Exchange server admin to have the erroneous contact information corrected.
        You may need to eliminate each folder one at a time to determine which folder has the erroneous information.
        Once the information is corrected be sure to re-check the folders so the contacts will be updated when Call Manager is initialized.