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  • Two phones, same extension?

    Is it possible to do this?
    My situation, which I'm sure is fairly common, is that I have two phones at my reception desk. It's setup now as two extensions where the second is setup to monitor the first. Is there a more seamless way to do this where could both use the same extension?

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    we use a Hunt Group to do this


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      I'm new to this... how does a hunt group work?


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        Make your main number the Hunt Group Extension.
        Change your 2 sets to new Extensions.
        Add the 2 Ext. to the Hunt Group.

        From here you can do several different set-ups.
        You can ring them both or one at a time. Set the number of rings per station. If they are both busy or not available, you can send callers to an AA, Mailbox or another Ext. and so on.