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  • Schedules and WAN Failures

    Wanting to get some input from the group on the following scenerio. ShoreTel TAC and Escalation Engineers did not have a good answer for this one:

    Customer has HQ server in City A. Customer has remote site in Town B with DMV, ShoreGear 60 with 8 Analog trunks in a Hunt/Rollover group.

    When the WAN link went down in Town B (4th time in 3 months, thanks Verizon!), it was on a Saturday. The Town B system was in OFF HOURS schedule mode. Apparently there is no way to swap this site back to ON-Hours until such time as the WAN connection to the HQ server is reestablished.

    You would think that either the DVM would be able to handle this site, or there would be a method of Telnet'ing into the 60 and giving a command to reset the Schedule mode. Unfortunately, per Escalation, this is not the case.

    Current best option we are going to try is to Busy Out the Operator Hunt groups at the end of each workday, and have a Busy Out Destination managed by the DVM that is not using any schedule.

    Supposedly ShoreTel will be addressing some of these types of issues in Version 10 where the DVM is going to have more of the HQ server functionality. Currently, this is another case where the HQ server not being a point of failure is not entirely a true statement.

    Any additional ideas of thoughts would be welcomed and appreciated.