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  • Is Workgroup Call manager really needed for this?

    We have a few workgroups that we created recently for our different business units. I decided that I wanted everyone in the workgroup to be able to access the workgroup voicemail from the shoretel voicemail application.

    The only way I could get it to work was to set the client type to workgroup agent.

    So, now we are having an issue getting our support renewed because we are using call manager workgroup licenses instead of the advanced workgroup licenses.

    Do we reallyi need a workgroup license to have agents access the workgroup voicemail? Do you think ShoreTel would allow us to trade in some advanced licenses towards the purchase of workgroup licenses?

    Short of paying almost 7K to fix this issue, I'm thinking of sending the voicemails to an exchange mailbox and having people check the messages there.

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    As far as I have been able to figure out you are correct in your assumptions. We also have a couple workgroups setup that I want several users to be able to check. The only way to let them check them from Call Manager is with and Agent CM license. What I've done for a workaround is setup the password to the mailbox so that all agents know it. I then send text only notifications to a group that e-mails everyone in the workgroup. The agents just dial into the mailbox and check them via the phone. We have Lotus Notes so I'm not familiar with Exchange, but it sounds like your solution of having a shared mailbox would work too.

    I agree that it's lousy that we have to pay $300 a pop for another license just to be able to check a "group" voicemail box...

    Hope this helps.