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  • Call manager video with Citrix

    has anyone implemented call manager video with citrix? if so I am curious which cameras you used and how you got it to work. We are using citrix presentation server 4.5 on windows 2003 server and have shoretel call manager working thru it great. I've been researching and i keep running into other people trying to use Logitech camera's on citrix not being able to because logitech doesn't make drivers for win2003...but shoretel's app note (ST-10062) only mentions logitech cameras as supported standard resolution we may be stuck without a solution...Thanks!

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    fyi I just received word from my shoretel partner that "at this time there is no support for video over Citrix" which doesn't necessarily mean it won't work...right? Either way let me know if anyone has tried this and if so if successful. thanks!