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  • DHCP server

    I am setting up a small office next week that does not have a domain controller on site. Currently dhcp is handled thru a small juniper 5gt firewall that does dhcp.

    How can we go about pushing out the scope options? Should I be looking for a different way of handling dhcp - say on a windows machine that is running xp with a 3rd party app? Thanks.

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    We use small juniper devices and have this set up - I would imagine that the interfaces are similar...
    For us:
    Expand Network -> DHCP
    (Edit) DCHP for the one you need.
    Click on "Custom Options"
    Enter two different options.
    Code 42, type IP, <your time server IP>
    Code 156, type String, ftpservers=xx.xx.xx.xx


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      Thanks for the quick reply - unfortunately I do not have that screen on my juniper - I have an advanced options that looks like this


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        What version of screenos are you running?


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          When I go in to DHCP at the bottom there are multiple links, the FIRST one is "Advanced Options" which looks just like yours...
          The LAST one for me is "Custom Options." That is where you want to be.


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            screen os 5.0.0r8.1 (Firewall+VPN)

            I don't think it is supported


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              The devices we use are SSG5 devices, little $600 Juniper devices we use for home users to connect a single phone via hardware vpn to our system. (Well, one site had 4 temporarily....)

              Our firmware version is:
              5.4.0r3a.0 (Firewall+VPN)


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                Originally posted by jhiggins View Post
                Thanks for the quick reply - unfortunately I do not have that screen on my juniper - I have an advanced options that looks like this
                Whats the DHCP screen look like?

                Seems strange you cant setup a scope.



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                  DHCP on shoretel director

                  You should run the DHCP server on the shoreware director server. In spite of what everyone says about shoretel and DHCP running together. I've setup many installations like this. they run perfectly. There is never any problems at all. Just perfect. Shoretel director runs on Windows 2003, It will host a DHCP with all the right options.


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                    Juniper DHCP

                    Depending on what kind of juniper device, it can support the DHCP option 156. Not on that firmware through. An old 5XP won't be able to do it because they only run on 5.0.0 code, but a 5XT, or 5GT, or anything more recent running 5.2 or 5.3 or better should be just fine. Any SSG will come with code pre-loaded that will support it. Depending on the hardware a simple firmware upgrade will do it.


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                      Thanks for the replies everyone, we ended up purchasing a program called dhcp turbo for $125. Runs on windows machine and was super simple to setup.