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  • Operator Call Manager - Contact List Disappears

    We have several people who use OCM in our organization. However, we now have two users that lose their ability to view their contacts. This happens at random where they will login and cannot see their contact list. Rebooting, logging back out and in does not fix it. The only way to get the contacts to appear is to go in the Shoreware director and change the user to PCM, save settings and then go back in and change them back to OCM. Has anyone else had this problem? I have been working with my ShoreTel partner on this problem but all suggestions from them and ShoreTel do not seem to fix the problem. Both operators are in high volume call positions and this can affect productiviy since they live in Operator Call Manager.



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    We are having the same problem since we upgraded to 9.0. It's mostly happening to Operators but it's also happening to a few PCM users.

    ShoreTel, Inc.
    ShoreTel 9
    Build 14.5.7805.0