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  • SG50V doesn't appear to be hosting voicemails

    Greetings all,

    I'm just in the process of bench testing a new SG50V switch that will be installed at a remote location. I have the thing configured and up and running in a new and separate Site from our HQ site. I have a phone associated to it, and a user configured. For some reason, the voice mail for the extension is not getting hosted on the switch, but instead is still going to the HQ server. I can't figure out why. The user is clearly part of the site, the phone is clearly part of the site, the switch shows up correctly as a voice mail application server in the Quick Look and you can click on it and view stats. Whenever I view the stats on the Voice Mail switch, it always shows that there are 0 mailboxes hosted on the switch. I have maybe 10 extensions configured with voice mail for this site already, so I'd expect to see 10 mailboxes hosted on the switch, but it is just at 0.

    Am I missing something here? Is there some screen where you are suppose to define what voice mail server an extension is suppose to use?

    I SSH'd into the switch and I found where it had copied down all the Auto-Attendants and related prompts, so it is clearly pulling data down from the HQ server and storing it on the compact flash card.

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    I am anxious to see this one. As I have the exact problem.


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      Haha, it was an id10t problem.

      On the user page there is a new field that is available as soon as you add your first DVM server or first V-Switch. It says "Mailbox On Server". I didn't know it was there as this is the first time I've ever had a 2nd location to host mailboxes.