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  • In a Meeting

    For no reason phone will drop into “in a meeting” Mode.
    I already look under the PCM options,outlook, to see if "Use Outlook appointments to change Call Handling Mode" was enable but it is not even install.

    Any ideas?

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    Is the ability to change your call handling mode delegated to anyone else?


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      Schedules set against your call handling modes?


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        Does this person press the fourth "softkey" labeled HANG UP to hang up the call? Sometimes people do this, and if the other party hangs up before you, your actually selecting "Mode", not hang up. The default moves it down to "In A Meeting", and after 5 secs, it changes.

        Check this.

        On a Cisco phone (Cisco phone system), the "Hang-up" button becomes "Redial". I've redialed a few numbers in my day


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          After looking everywhere for help and looking at your subjestions. I deleted the user and recreated. It seems to be working now.

          Thank you for your help...


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            Originally posted by Telman2010 View Post
            Schedules set against your call handling modes?
            I have a question about schedules that I hope someone can shed light on. I have gotten different responses.

            We have a schedule running on users that put extensions in 'out of office' at 5pm. When users are on PTO, they record greetings in 'extended absence' with a greeting announcing their PTO dates. Issue is, when office opens at 9am the phone switched to 'Standard'. We have been told that 'extended absence' would over-ride a schedule.

            Thanks for assistance.