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  • Call Manager and Windows Terminal Servers

    I have a user on one of our Windows2003 terminal server, and the Workgroup Call Manager isn't showing accurate info.

    For example, it may show her there are calls in the queue when there aren't, or not shows calls while there are people waiting in the queue.

    In the Phone & Modem Options, most of the terminal servers show 2 ShoreTel Remote TAPI Service Provider. The one with ProviderID 8 seems to be the one with accurate Provider Status info.

    The second TAPI instance is normally blank, and has Provider ID 8. On the terminal server with the user having the issue, the Server and Login are blank, but the owned extension is myown, and in the provider status window it has my name.

    Would it be safe to delete this 2nd shoretel TAPI instance from the Phone & Modem Options?