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  • Silent Client Install

    Wondering if anyone has been successful in performing a silent upgrade of the call manager through Active Directory. What details need to be included in the batch file for the MSI???


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    Shoretel has an app note on deploying the PCM through group policy. You can get the msi from the temp director by running the setup. ST many have the msi for download.

    Just using Group policy you can modify the install, you just get the default settings.

    Its pretty straight forward.
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      I don't know how the upgrade works, but I did the initial silent install across about 200 machines through active directory. I just assigned the policy to the computers and when they rebooted, it installed the PCM, then rebooted again. After that, it was fine.


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        Thanks for the feedback. I will locate that app note from ShoreTel.


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          Also, if you have WinZip, or some other decompressing utility, you can extract the setup.exe file to get the MSI right from there.


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            .msi file

            I was trying to extract setup.exe file to get .msi BUT was not able to.
            Could some provide the correct procedure to get the .msi for PCM install. Thank you


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              I think I copied it off of the install disk. Otherwise open the exe in a command prompt and add a /? to it for the options one might be extract. I made a batch file calling the MSI with these options /qb /promptrestart and used script logic to deploy it.


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                silent Install PCM

                Does silent install support active directory authentication?


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                  Start the .exe for the client setup. Let the setup initialize and before you continue, go to \Documents and Settings\username\Local Settings\Temp and grab the .msi sitting in there.

                  With the .msi you can run use the /quiet switch, along with /norestart, /promptrestart, etc..

                  Run the .msi with the /? switch for a full list.