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  • can you separate dial by name by sites?

    we have a client that has hundreds of users and just want the dial by name to pull users from that particular site. i dont think it is possible but any ideas? they also use site codes

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    This is do-able for Call Manager via a custom. The phones are not as easy, but I think we could find a solution for this as well via a custom program. There is no native way, unfortunately.


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      You can build an extension list and attach it to the "Dial by First Name" or "Dial by Last Name" on an Auto-Attendant. That will limit the search to just that extension list.

      Heh...maybe I took that the wrong way if you were talking about PCM :P


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        perfect all i wanted was from the AA

        Thanks a ton


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          Good call Sarsin. I was thinking internally, which we've had quite a few people ask for.


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            Internally, you can accomplish that with the use of on-net dialing in Shoretel (this is how multi-tenanting is deployed).

            On-Net dialing has been around since 6.0 or 6.1 (can't remember exactly when since that has been a few years ago now).


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              Interesting. I believe our client did not want to go with this approach because of the cost of requiring a site license. I believe they had about a dozen very small companies in a single building.