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  • multitech faxfinder and shoretel 9

    just upgraded a customer to shoretel 9. not sure which build as my dad is the one that did it. since then when you fax to their DID number you are not forwarded to the faxfinder (or you may be but it is not picking up. not too sure). if however the person physically picks up the call it is redirected to the faxfinder and the fax goes thru. is there something i am missing here? did something change with version 9?

    i checked all the programming and it looks fine.

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    Shoretel is phasing out faxing...


    Haha, just kidding. All I can tell you is that since version 8, lots of people have been having trouble with faxes and fax redirection. Interestingly enough, I recently started a topic a while back indicating I was having trouble where if a person answered a call that was a fax, it would re-direct but fail with our Multitech MORE than if they let the call go to voice mail and redirect to the Multitech. I'm wondering if what I'm experiencing in Version 8 is similar, but not as bad of an issue, of what you are experiencing with it not redirecting at all?