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  • Panic Button (Not 911/112/999/000)

    Hi we've had some recent issues with people walking into our reception area and causing problems.

    I've had a bit of a think about how to do this but would like to know if anyone else has created a Panic button that is able to play a preset message on a set number of phones.

    Issue happens at reception, button is pressed, phones ring and display PAINC RECEPTION on the phone screen. Or a broadcast message is played across a set number of phones. (Similar to a page.)

    I would like to have the system play a pre-recorded announcement if possible to minimise the amount of things that need to be done when a situation arrises.


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    We have a custom application which does exactly this except it requires pressing a couple buttons to activate. This is easy to modify, however. If you're interested, please contact Bryon Palitto at 330-335-7271 or send me an email/PM with your contact info.


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      We had a customer with the same request. We recommended that they use a Viking’s K-202-DVA connected to an analog ext. It is programmed to call a page group and play the recorded announcement.