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  • Distinct Workgroup ringtone

    Hi All,

    We would like to configure a distinct ringtone, or use the "external" calls ringtone, for calls to a workgroup. Currently calls to a workgroup use the "internal" ringtone so users think the call is an internal call. Is there a way of having calls in the workgroup either using a distinct ringtone or at least using the external ringtone?


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    Was anybody ever able to find a solution for this? We also don't want to have the internal ringtone representing outside callers.


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      Have you tried the enhanced call handling rules in 9.1? I cannot test right now, but I'd imagine there might be a way to make these play a different ring tone for workgroup calls.


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        As we're on 8.1, I asked our reseller/VAR if this could be done too and possibly in the call handling rules in 9.1. He mentioned that he didn't recall seeing a ring tone option. He said he'll try to look more into it later.

        Hope someone has some suggestions as this is the only issue that prevents us from switching to Workgroup mode.



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          1. Yes, ring tone is supported.
          2. By putting "Internal extension starts with..." in the rule, you can do it for all calls from that workgroup.


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            Originally posted by Palitto Consulting View Post
            1. Yes, ring tone is supported.
            2. By putting "Internal extension starts with..." in the rule, you can do it for all calls from that workgroup.
            This works perfectly - I'm in the advanced class training session and we set it up on the lab systems.

            Thanks for posting that, I know of a few places we're going to reconfigure them users to have this option.


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              Thanks guys, will try it out.

              Sounds too good to be true (having separate ringtones). Will try to post back if we have any issues.


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                If I'm reading this correctly, different ring tones for different work groups are only supported using enhanced call handling rules in 9.1, but are NOT supported in 8.x - Is that correct..?