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  • NTP on phones and Timezone offset

    Correct me if I am wrong, but this is how the time/offset is set on a ShoreTel phone. The phone boots up and pulls its time from the ntp server. It then offsets this time with the timezone set on the switch that it associates to.

    So how does a user get the correct time when there are working from a different timezone than the switch they are associated to? Is there a dhcp 156 option that I am not aware of? Seems strange ShoreTel would have language, country, etc. as options...but not timezone??

    Appears I could a) buy another switch dedicated to that timezone, or b) setup a ntp server w/ the wrong time that these phones point to, offsynced by however many hours away their respective timezone is.

    Am I missing something here, or are these the only options.

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    The way I read it, what you have listed as your two options are your only options. On the issue of the NTP server, I believe that is going to hand GMT time, so you will have to trick your NTP server into a different GMT time itself for this to work correctly.