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  • HQ move info

    Does anybody know of an application note or knowledge base information on gotchas or requirements for moving the HQ server and site to a new location? Our existing HQ location will still be on line but will no longer be the HQ. We're beginning the process of moving the HQ server and a switch to our data center and want to make sure we've covered all the bases.


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    Try this:


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      If you change the MAC address of the server, you will have to re-register your keycodes with ShoreTel and that will have to go through your ShoreTel partner.

      Also, changing the IP address on the HQ server has to be completed in the correct order otherwise you will have a hard time getting back into the director.

      Change the IP address of the server in Director first then change the actual ip address of the server. You need to make sure that you have changed your DHCP scope to point to the correct FTP location as well as changing the SG switches.

      It is less complicated to use a serial connection to change the SG ip configs then via ipbxctl -telneton

      Once the switches re-register to the new HQ server then reboot the phones, and almost all of them usually reboot properly. I usually try to only reboot phones in small batches.

      My 2 cents (thats 1.92 cents CDN)