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  • Assign Ext without VoiceMail

    We have an extension that maybe 1 or 2 days a month a different user needs to use. So we suggested just assigning it to a different phone, but since it doesn't have voice mail we can't log in from another phone to change it.

    We don't want to give this extension a voice mail as it is very important that the calls get to a person or a main work group, and we do not want there to be any chance of someone getting this extensions voice mail as no one will check it.

    We have Shoretel 8.1, is there any way around this? I know in the past we have had people forward voice mails to extensions and transfer people right to the voice mail of extensions we thought there was no way for them to get voice mails and we want to avoid this for the future.

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    Assign the phone a VM box and lock it down. Assign the phone to its own user group and lock down the message abilty. Our just setup the different modes so they don't ring to VM, have them ring back to the extension or a huntgroup with only that extension in it.


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      Some ideas:

      1. You could set up a voicemail box and configure so that all voicemails are forwarded to your workgroup mailbox so you don't miss messages.

      2. You could reassign through Director, though this is rather painful.

      3. If no one else can recommend any other way, I have ways I can programmatically reassign the phone so we could put something together for you very quickly.


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        ok wanted to be sure I wasn't missing something and making life harder for myself.