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  • Call handling mode visibility

    Is there any way to make the call handling mode of an extension visible to the caller prior to the call going directly to voicemail? This is a new install and so far, the only complaint I have from the users is the inability to see what mode the called party is in on an extension to extension internal call. Short of giving everyone an Operators call manager for extension monitoring,($$$) I am at a loss.


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    If they have PCM and type in the extension or name, the icon next to that contact will show what mode they are in and how many lines they are using.


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      Thanks Marc, and I am aware of that visibility. My problem is these users are migrating from an ancient system to Shoretel. Employee turnover has been negligable so most of these employees have been using this system for many years. While I can get them to dial a user from the PCM, their next reaction is to look at the phone to read the display. User issues I know, but I am just trying to see if anyone else has faced something similar, and if so, how they handled it.


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        This may sound stupid, but if their intent is to see if the other party is available, have them "check first" by typing the name in PCM. If you differentiate checking from calling, maybe they will get it. I have an office of almost 300 people and we just converted last month. I know the struggles of teaching an old dog new tricks.

        just a thought....