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  • softphone going to unavailable

    got the following email from a customer. any ideas?????

    So is there a time limit on the softphone .. like after so much time of inactivity it will switch back to unassigned?

    I'm having a couple users open their softphones in the morning however, it will flip to unassigned without any warning.

    Have you see this? We're on 8.1 build 13.24.2504.0

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    I would upgrade to a GA build first before troubleshooting this issue too far.


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      I would have to agree, its not worth the time unless you are on a GA release.


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        I am also running this build, forgive my ignorance but what is wrong with the 13.24.2504.0 build? That is what was installed for me..
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          Nothing is wrong with that build except for the fact is is CR-Controlled Release.
          2 builds later, ShoreTel released the first GA-General Availability release.
          The current build of ShoreTel 8.1 is 13.25.3801.

          If you or your partner contact ShoreTel for support, upgrading to at least a GA build will be the first request they make.


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            Would the GA build fix the anyphone to softphone timed out error. We were on 7.X and upgraded to 8.1 13.5909 on the 7.x platform we didn't have this problem.