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  • Call Manager not collecting History

    I have a user who's Call Manager isn't collecting the history.

    I know CM only collects info while it's running, and it does have older history in there from a couple weeks ago.

    Other then that, the Call Manager seems to work fine for everything and everyone else.

    I've reinstalled the Call Manager, but have not reimaged the WinXP box. The modem propterties seems to have the correct info too.

    One thing strange that I noticed, is that we cleared the old history, and at some point during the troubleshooting, we closed out of the CM, and when we reopened it, the old history that we cleared was back in there.

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    Hi Jason,

    Wondering if you ever got this worked out? Or if anyone else has a solution.

    We're having the same problem after upgrading to 10.2 on our Citrix box.


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      Can you check the Telephony Permissions COS for the Users in question as there is a new field that allows/denies access to the call notes and history in ST 10.2 Telephony Permissions


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        If restarting CSIS does not correct the issue, please try the following

        1) Verify that the "history.txt" on the users machine is accessible, do Search for "history.txt", the Right-Click on file, select Properties, verify it is not set to "Read-Only", "Hidden"

        2) If History.txt is not marked read only or hidden, then delete the file, close Call Manager, start Call Manager again, call the user and verify that history shows the call after they hangup.