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  • Anyone running PCM 8.1 at Remote Locations?

    Anyone here running PCM 8.1 on remote locations, in either DVM remote locations or Remote Switch or Remote Phones... (VPN)

    Reason I ask is , wondering if your now having connection issues with the director.

    Trying to figure out if the fact that remote locations in a routed mode is giving us issues on 8.1



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    Recently installed a customer with 3 remote sites on 8.1. Although we are having other issues with 1 way audio witch appears to be a hardware problem, they have never complained about connectivity issues with PCM. All remote sites are connected via VPN tunnels and even when bandwidth issues cause some voice quality issues, I still have not heard of PCM connectivity issues.
    Do you have your PCM traffic as part of your QOS configuration??


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      sschnei ....

      Thanks very much for the feedback - honestly we do not have remote sites running at this time, it was just a oberservation that I was making but you brought up a great point in the other msg I posted about firewall / routing and PCM 8.1 - I willl respond to that posting. Thanks!


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        We have 4 remote sites right now with an SG50 at each site, server at HQ, no DVM's. All PCM's are connecting up to server just fine, directory lookups work, etc. No real issues at all (with PCM or with phones.)

        The sites are connected via an MPLS network.

        I also have four users connecting up over a VPN through the Internet and their PCM's seem to work just fine as well.

        Hope this helps.