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  • Upgrade from 7.5 to 8.1 and PCM Trouble

    Is anyone out there running the Celeron box that comes with the SBE of shoretel and 8.1?

    We have had nothing but trouble with PCM's not connecting and TONS of connections left open from the ShoreTel PCM client.

    We are running the slow box Celeron ( not sure if there is anything that would relate to our issue and running the director on a Celeron , but I gather it is not the best enviro ) and the new build of 8.1

    We are also running the box on it's own Subnet, Voice on one network device / interface off of our sonicwall and Data on another network device / interface. Static rule to pass all traffic.

    I could not imagine that the above would be anything strange ( other than the box it self running a Celeron , still strange that it would cause the type of issues we are having ) ....

    Other than the fact that it is in a routed mode to some degree to manage broadcast traffic VS on the same Subnet and VLAN'ed... I am not sure what makes our network enviroment so different.

    With 7.5 we had ZERO issues and PCM would create a couple of connections to the director ROCK SOLID ...

    I am SHOCKED at how many issues we have had on 8.1 GA related to PCM.

    We are just about ready to Roll Back but hate to leave with a bad taste about 8.1 , there has to be root cause and everywhere I look , there is nothing strange about our enviro other than above 2 concerns.

    Most of our Workstations are Dual Core Pent / or AMD with 2 to 4 gigs of ram.

    Thanks for your comments in advance!

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    I have run into several issues when a firewall has been used as a LAN router, things like PCM lagging behind Handset, PCM not able to connect, PCM getting disconnected and reconnected for no apparent reason. In all cases I made sure all device gateways were pointing to an Ethernet switch with routing capabilities. If you have this capabability on your Ethernet, I would highly recommend this be done. Are you running QOS through the SonicWall??


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      Very good point - Since you mention that, I know in the past - I have always used a switch as the default gateway and used the internal routing within the swtich.

      Honestly this is the first config that is using the NSA Sonic Wall as a Lan Router. I can only assume that ShoreTel does not like that type of Enviro as we have all traffic passing from one interface to the other as well as as services such as IPS filtering disabled on the Shortel Interface - ( We do have contect filtering on the Data interface , but would assume that would not effect this issue ) ....

      We are having the classic symptoms as you noted.

      Thanks very much for the feed back!