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  • Users Loosing speed dials

    ShoreTel 8.1

    Users log in to pcm just fine. But their previously created speed dials are not there and does never return.
    Anyone ?

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    I have a few users whose contacts tab disappears and will only come back after exiting and restarting the software. WHat version of PCM are you using?


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      I know I'm digging up an older thread, but I'm having the same issue. Just a couple of users I know of so far. I'm assuming this information is stored in the database as I have the same speed dial entries whether I'm looking at the PCM through Citrix or on my local PC. That is, speed dials are not store in a file like the call history. Anyone have any idea if these are recoverable?


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        Are the user's computer's connected through the phone? or do the phone and computer have seperate data cables?


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          Wow, I missed this last response. Yes, the users' PCs are connected through phone, though the "PC" is essentially a dumb terminal. We deliver the Call Manager through Citrix.


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            We just upgraded to 9.1 and our users are losing their contacts as well. Our users are connected through the phone. Although I am not connected through the phone and my contacts disappeared as well. The other issue that happened with some users is that the PCM did not auto start even though the check box for "Start Call Manager when you log into windows" is checked.


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              I to have a customer that is loosing the speed dial list on a few users. It started at 8.1 and still is happening after we upgraded to 9.2 It is only a few users and there doesn't seem to be anything in common with them. Does anybody know where the data is stored and can it be backed up or imported/exported. If so i can make a template that can be restored when this happens.


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                I called ShoreTel on this issue and they told me it was a known bug fixed in 9.2 14.41.7900


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                  I have a customer that I upgraded to 9.1 and are having the same problem. Only one user is this happening to though.Everyone esle is fine.