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  • Music on hold

    We have a MAN with 3 sites. Each site has its own ShoreGear switch, and each switch is defined in its own site within ShoreWare.

    Our music on hold for our main site is being pushed to the two remote sites, even though they have their own switch and site. The documentation says that it each site will require it's own music source, but this is not what we are experiencing.

    Does anyone have any suggestions as to why this might be happening and how to correct it?


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    Is your HQ site providing PSTN trunking to your remote locations? If so MOH sisters with where the source trunking lives.

    Here is a copy of some dialog on this subject via another thread:

    If you have all of your sites pulling dial tone from say a PRI at one location you can have just one MOH device. Like with my case before we added another PRI at another location. We have 13 sites all pulling dial tone from one PRI at one location, over fiber of course. I use one MOH for all sites. Now that I have the other PRI, sites will pull dial tone from that location and it doesn't have MOH yet. I want to be able to use one source but not thinking it will happen. People still don't believe me when I say you can do it from one source on multiple sites. You can if your dial tone is in one location and not local analog lines.

    - DS


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      Yes, the remote sites are pulling service from the HQ's 2 PRIs. That must be why MOH is centralized. Bummer. I guess will have to stick with one source.

      Thanks for the info!