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    I added a wireless headset, but can't get the headset button on my phone (230) to stay lite after I hangup a call. After I hangup I have to manually press or push the button twice on my headset to get the headset button on my phone to light back up. We are running version 7 / build 12.5.2836 and I set the phone to hands free and under options, selected wireless. I is becoming a pain when I'm away from my desk and can not hear my phone ring, so I'm listening for a beep in my ear for the next call and I don't get it because my headset button is not activated on my phone; why doesn't the headset button stay lite after a call?
    Anyone else run into this issue?

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    This has been an issue in several releases of 6.1 and has made its way into the first builds of 7. I know that ShoreTel is working on this issue.

    Here is what Shoretel stated in their ShoreTel 7 beta training:

    Users go on/off-hook by pressing a button on the headset (NOTE: No way for phone to signal the headset to go on/off hook)
    Supported phones:
    IP560 (2nd Generation Model # on back of the unit will end in -03 or higher)
    IP 560g
    IP 212k
    IP 230
    Via Director / Individual Users / Personal Options / Headset with Electronic Lifter
    User can select through PCM / Auto Off-hook Preference / Headset Lifter
    When enabled, user must press the button on the headset itself to answer a call or place an outbound call thatís initiated from PCM.
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