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  • Remote Button Box?

    Is there any workaround to set up a BB24 to work remotely (remote location with an 565 using the built in VPN to connect)?

    I don't want to set up a VPN but there might be a way using the WAN ip of the HQ and port forwarding to get this done, or at least I hope there is....

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    I don't think you can make it work with the built-in VPN of the 565.
    Your best bet is to setup a HW based VPN back to your HQ and connect that way until ShoreTel releases a BB24 with VPN.


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      I dont want to use a HW VPN and I wasn't going to try using the built in 565 VPV.

      My thoughts are a bit out there but I think that I might be able to get 1 BB24 to work per remote location as follows:

      1) Assign the server address on the BB24 as the HW WAN IP
      2) Associate the BB24 in shoreware director with the WAN IP address of the remote location.
      3) Port forward the incomming port from the BB24 to the switch (in theory the switch should see the originating IP as the remote location's WAN ip)
      4) Port forward the outgoing port from HQ at the remote location to the static internal IP of the BB24...