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  • Alert for trunk groups

    Is it possible to create an alert that will send an email when all the lines in given trunk group are being used?

    Thanks in advanced.


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    The only thing I know of is to create an event filter for Event ID 1334. However, this only alerts if all trunks are full and someone tries to make another call. It will not alert just because all trunks are in-use. If anyone knows how to do that, I would be interested also.


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      I don't know of a way through ShoreTel itself, but it is easy enough to do with a custom that runs as a service.


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        I am interested in a similar function, I have used the event filter in the past but this is a bit reactive and when you see it, it is already too late.
        I am looking for a bit of SQL that I can run against the CDR database daily to monitor trunk utilisation.
        It will need to give the maximum channels in use at any one time at 15 minute intervals.
        Over time we'd be able to see a trend on utilisation and flex up or down the number of channels required.
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