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  • Call Wrap Greyed Out on Call Mgr 8.1

    We upgraded to 8.1 and now via our Call Managers the Call Wrap Up button is greyed out?

    Also via the phone options , Wrap-Up is not available.

    We are all Workgroup Agents but it is the same for WG Mgrs and etc...

    I have looked HIGH and low via the manuals and cannot find anything on this.

    We reviewed the Wiz Bang new Call Mgr 8.x CBT as well :

    ShoreTel IP-PBX ?(

    PS. We do not use the auto wrap-up for our workgroups but use the manual wrap-up all the time.

    Thanks in advance all ! :yes:


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    Did you make sure each workgroup member was logged in?


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      Yes they are logged in ...

      I think it has some strange issues with our network -

      As noted in a prior email about chatty traffic and such and delay in updates when changing status...

      Very strange.

      Anyway I will move towards checking out our network.

      Take care!



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        did you upgrade all of your licenses to 8.1? We had this issue, and had to go back and get rekeyed to make it work.