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  • Outlook integration

    Is it possible to have outlook integration without getting the Shoretel VM message for every new VM?

    We have it set up so that every user received the wav file in an email so we really don't need the Shoretel message as well.

    I am assuming that if I uninstall the outlook integration, that the contacts won't get sync'd.

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    Try disabling the email delivery in Shoreware Director. If I'm understanding correctly, the notifiaction in the user's Call Manager generates the "playable" email, and the assignment in the Shoreware Director is giving the text copy. My understanding of the feature within Shoreware Director is that its intended to notify someone other than the main user's email. Check it out...


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      That will stop the email with the wav file attached, but I want the other email to stop, the one with the custom Shoretel form.


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        I think the setting you want is:

        Shoretel Call Manager
        Options | Configure Shoretel System
        Outlook Tab
        Uncheck "use Outlook as my default Voice Mail Client"

        This should stop the ST integrated messages. The user can still use the ST Voicemail Viewer if they like, though.



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          I thought so too Charles. But even when that box is unchecked, it still gives me that email. I think that box only changes what opens when you check your voicemail through the PCM.


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            Sorry to bump an old thread but I am having this exact issue. I also have one person (president of the company of course) who cannot get his in email. It worked for a couple of days and now does not show up anymore.

            I assumed the "Use Outlook as default" check box controlled this but it makes no change.


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              Ticking that box only affects which application will be opened when you go File|Voicemail on PCM. If you don't want the MAPI messages you have to uninstall the Outlook VM Integration.