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  • Disable saving to WAV file in PCM

    We'll be installing a Shoretel system in the next month or so and our risk management group is a bit concerned about the ability to save voice mails as a WAV file through personal call manager. Are there any good ways to disable this functionality without taking away personal call manager? Rumor has it that a future release of Shoretel will have this capability, but I'd like to have some method in place right away.

    Has anyone else tried to block this feature? Any suggestions on how I might go about this?

    Thank you.
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    Save as Wav

    The users will have many, many ways to "save"/record voicemails. Even removing the PCM completely just makes it a bit harder. I guess you could try and keep the non computer literate people from saving voicemails.......


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      Version ST10 for WAV Disable?

      As I understand it, this will be in a future release (ST10?) available late this year or next. I too, remain concerned about this feature whereby any VM could easily be redirected outside of the company. For this reason we are holding off on PCM for wider distribution pending review. (We just went live several weeks ago from analog.) I would also be interested if there is some patch that can be employed now.

      Company VM becomes a potential data leakage point on several fronts:
      Internal messages - mass or not - are now subject to easy dissemination outside of the company.

      Inbound messages, (say a vendor leaves a price quote, etc.) could also be easily routed or e-mailed outside the company.

      How do others concerned about security address this issue? That ST considers this significant enough for a fix is evidence of its import. I guess part of the solution is to instruct all to leave no sensitive info or decisions on VM, but that kind of narrows its usefulness as well.

      Our e-mail system, Lotus Notes, offers a "Do Not Forward" option available to all senders. There needs to be something similar for this issue. It might not catch my second example, but certainly could address the first one - which is the more significant of the two regardless.


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        The only way to really stop it is to disable voice mail all together. People are crafty and could easily use a recording device, call from the outside with their cell, login and record, etc.


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          I'm happy to note that ShoreTel 9.2 now has the capability to disable the ability to download voice messages from the PCM. It is a setting called "Allow Downloading Voice Messages as WAV Files" in the Class of Service Options for Voicemail Permissions. This only works if the user has the 9.2 PCM client installed. If the user is running PCM 9.1, the option is still there.

          Unfortunately for us, it doesn't seem there is any way to disable the option to Email the Wav file. I know some people don't understand why we'd want to do such a thing, but our risk management group wants voicemails to stay in the voicemail system and follow the normal retention policies we have set for voicemail. Granted, there are always way to circumvent technological barriers, but our goal is to back up the written policies that are in place with technical solutions that make saving a WAV file difficult enough so that you have to intentionally break a policy rather than break policy inadvertantly because it's so easy. This feature in 9.2 gets us closer to that goal.


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            Does anyone know of an update to this issue? We are already on 10.2 moving to 11.x in a month but the business unit we are now adding to our system has very tight security in regards to voicemails and the ability to receive voicemails via email. The reason being is if we go into legal hold for some reason those voicemails now become searchable by law and can be listened too, etc.

            I know that I can uncheck the box to "Allow Downloading Voice Messages as WAV Files" and that is great, but the user is still able to go to Tools - Options - Voice Mail, and change the Notification Delivery option to "Email Wave File". Does any one know of a way to grey that out or disable the option for the users in Personal Call Manager (Communicator)?


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              In regards emailing the wav file go to the Voice Mail Registry key settings located here: Voice Mail Registry Key Location: HKLM\Software\Shoreline Teleworks\Voicemail\

              Then create a DWORD as below:

              AttachNoVMToEmail If this value is 1, Voice mail server does not send voice mail as an email attachment. Note: This key does not get created by default.


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                So does anyone know if ShoreTel is working on a way to disable this in Director? I will test the registry change anyway, but would prefer something from ShoreTel, not a registry hack.